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Reindeer Games in politics
1 up, 2w
This is interesting, because it used to be a sort of meme going around that Rudolph and the rest of Santa's reindeer were actually all female due to male reindeer shedding their antlers in winter while the females retained theirs (shedding them in the spring). Of course, real reindeer of either sex also don't fly or look like white-tailed deer, so we probably shouldn't try to apply actual biology to Santa's special reindeer.
Coming to the Disney Channel! in politics
1 up, 2w
I'm getting some flashbacks to the infamous "slaves built this country" rap from that woke Proud Family reboot.
black kid in politics
4 ups, 4w
Well said.
Based on an actual survey where multiple women said this, unfortunately. in politics
0 ups, 1mo
The video in this link shows the survey being conducted at the beginning:
Change My Mind in Real_Politics
0 ups, 2mo
Although black liberals aren't much better, and I'm saying this as someone of black descent.