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breathe and drink water, you're meant to be here. you'll remember it soon - Bill Wurtz
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I hate quick chat in gaming
0 ups, 6d
What's funny is a scratch edition of this game has way better chat with more options that make sense
If you remember fighting this boss then you deserve a veteran’s discount in fun
1 up, 7d
Skylanders was like, the thing when I was a kid.
I loved the games so much
Still like it a lot just not as much, good times :)
Video game companies as villains in gaming
1 up, 1w
Sega as Doofenshmirtz is just yes
WHY? in gaming
1 up, 1w
So that's what bowser junior's gonna look like when he grows up
true story, happened today V-V in fun
0 ups, 1w
Awwww thank you :)