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there are only two genders. get triggered.
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Distracted Boyfriend
well, your so-called ¨science¨ has had any luck finding the origins of the universe. us Christians, however have a firm belief in the origins of the universe. more than any of ou stupid, numb-skulled atheists have.
Distracted Boyfriend
No one is trying to offend anyone. We are just saying that ¨gender¨ and ¨sexuality¨ are the exact same thing. And that there are only two genders. Gender is not a sociological thing. It is a biologic thing. God made one male and one female, not a male, a female, and an attack helicopter. More proof? Look in your pants. There's all the proof I need. All the proof you need. All the proof anyone needs. DILLY DILLY.
Distracted Boyfriend
your welcome