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Man, my memes remind me of my paper jokes, they're tearable. ;)
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this is a child's toy...
I saw the commercial and I wanted to wash my eyes with water for the next 1876745656438392874756478298476738372675995874 minutes.
Everyone knows it's clearly Laurel. :-)
IT IS LAUREL, you butt f**king IDIOTS!
Everyone knows it's clearly Laurel. :-)
According to the person who actually tweeted it, it is laurel as they were looking up the bush plant "laurel" and she heard yanny instead. Look it up on and look up laurel. You will then click the speaker icon. Hear laurel or yanny? Well its laurel so shut the f**k up.
Mocking Spongebob
This is almost as bad as the bad pun dog memes
In heinz sight...
I took this from Raydog on the meme stream. It is funny. No hate, because the say that you can take them.