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Jesus Christ start the rapture in fun
0 ups, 5mo
Apparently, your smooth unevolved brain can't comprehend a simplistic joke. Also, with that language at your age, you should be muzzled until 21 or longer.
jesus whipping wallstreet banker jews in fun
0 ups, 1y
Another meme taken down because it hurt the master race's feelings. If you can't fully comprehend the real meaning behind this, then stay in your little dark corner with the rest of the fakers.

Also, there's a ton of antisemitic templates here, some more disturbing than others, and the ToS won't do a thing about them. Go ahead, look if you have actual braincells.
Moxxie vs Shark in fun
1 up, 3y
Well, as the old saying goes...

UNO Draw 25 Cards in fun
1 up, 4y
Oh, yeah, throw out the “Racist Card” with zero explanation. It’s obvious that you haven’t done any research on this self proclaimed master race. However, as one with an actual IQ, I have.
Untitled Image in fun
0 ups, 5y
You’re vain attempts to trigger me in the slightest is way below the Millennial Liberal IQ parameters. I mean, seriously, a one trick pony has more strategic tactical moves than you. Also, you’re continuing failure at answering my question only deteriorates your percentage even faster. I don’t know why you even try.

By the way, it’s You’re “an” arrogant asshole.