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You’re vain attempts to trigger me in the slightest is way below the Millennial Liberal IQ parameters. I mean, seriously, a one trick pony has more strategic tactical moves than you. Also, you’re continuing failure at answering my question only deteriorates your percentage even faster. I don’t know why you even try.

By the way, it’s You’re “an” arrogant asshole.
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What part of "which one" didn't you understand. I asked for one Golden Rule, that was it, but instead get this wordy piece of trash. It must take a special kind of ignorant to not comprehend simplistic word structure.
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Oh, yes, the Golden Rule. Can't forget that one. Now, pray tell, which one are you referring to? Think before you open your wide mouth of destruction.
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Democrats: Paid scapegoats so Republicans can get away with anything they damn well please.
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I don’t need help from a weed head gorging on a media slop trough. Take your superior race complex elsewhere.