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Tailgaters in fun
4 ups, 4y it
Speed For Need in fun
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NO WAY! IT ACTUALLY EXISTS! | image tagged in whoa | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Now THAT is my kind of road
Trumpet Boy in fun
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I see your point about that, but then what about Black pride month?
Could one say the same about it?
Trumpet Boy in fun
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* I cannot seem to type tonight lol
Trumpet Boy in fun
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Maybe so.
But you are right, some Christian's do not believe in Christmas at all simply because it is not when Christ was born.
In fact with some of them, their point is that the 25th of December was actually a pagan feast in Rome (which is true if researched) so that is why they don't celebrate it at all.

I guess the OP's original post was just trying to state that, we don't care who celebrates what, just don't force others to celebrate it as well of they do not wish to do so.