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Patriotic in fun
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haha. keep on keeping on space lion.
Patriotic in fun
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context is important. What was Jesus making a reference to? Just did a message on this verse. . .He was calling Christians to be like the healing hot springs of hieriopolis and the cold waters of Colossae. Be a source of refreshment like the cold waters or be a source of healing to people like the hot springs. the warm tepid water is what was found in Laodocia. Of course, this statement is merely political and the extremes are filled with pride and malice towards one another. Spiritual condition is poor in both cases. And yes, we are to have god examine each of us to see if any wicked way is within us. .. and check our planks in our eye before the speck in our brothers. . .
Futurama Fry in fun
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fear or disgust is a natural response to heinous crime
fishing111 in fun
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nope, this is actually true. mountain climbing was close, and base diving.
The Rock Driving in fun
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I'll add when I did stand up comedy, this one was always a big laugh at bars, because it was true observation on my part. Plus I didn't need to use foul language to accomplish that goal.