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My goal’s to find a cure for irony and make a fool out of God! —the Waitresses
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Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) vs Republic of Korea (RoK) in politics
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It’s in their name. North Korea (DPRK) like most communist regimes name themselves something to sound more appealing to everyone although in reality they are anything but. See my earlier references to former East Germany’s (DDR) name or present day China (PRC). I am using the proper name(s) they gave themselves and use. I don’t believe in or promote their propaganda in anyway but will show respect due any potential enemy by using their actual name.
This is dumb in fun
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Becoming them while eating them.
Masks and guns! in politics
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Saying unvaxxed people spread the disease implies vaccinated people do not. All people will spread the disease no matter their vaccination status. This is why arguing over vaccine status or mask wearing is pointless for anyone old enough to be eligible to get the vaccine whether they do so or not. Many people seem not to understand this subtle fact. (I’m pro 2A btw)
Masks and guns! in politics
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But so do vaxxed people. This vaccine doesn’t prevent the disease; it only lessens the severity and possible death from it.

Vaccines are important, however, as they will reduce deaths and the dependence on hospitals, freeing up resources.

Thus, your logic doesn’t hold / isn’t true.
Enterprise v. Toilet Paper in fun
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An oldie but goodie. I once shared with an IT tech in Australia. They never heard it before. They told all their colleagues and said they all had a good laugh. (They were all Trekkies, too) 🤣