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10 Guy in fun
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ha! my mom was like go to bed and i was like fine and i was still playing on my phone and somehow a moth got in and it was buzzing around my head and it scared me the first 2 time ???????????????? XD
Why didn't you warn me??? in fun
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not so icee after all ha! XD
Anyone disagree? in fun
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the weeknd and maroon 5 thats it.... everything else is HU, deuce, FOB, metallica, falling in reverse, BVB, BMTH,... i can go on but that would take the rest of my life XD
Bad Luck Brian in fun
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thats wut happens to me all the time XD
Confession Bear in fun
3 ups, 3y
i eat the heads off first so they dont have to watch themselves die.... now i fell like a bad person XDD