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They're high,😩⚠️They're high😍⚠️They have✋🤯✨dr0gas ⚡💥dr0gas ⚡💥 las dr0gas ❗❗❗LA MENTE 😭🌿 LAS DR0GAS ❗😡 LA MENTE☠️
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Bluv in cursedcomments
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can relate
What is with this invest?! in fun
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that comment was 2 years ago...
What Is This Sorcery ? in Everyones_A_Mod
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Why when the meatless dog meowed at my barking grandmother who slept with her eyes open while my pet fish drowned in water because I didn't take him to the dentist to get his feet fixed.
A long cursed comment I found in cursedcomments
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probably because when I was walking my pet fish he drowned in air, maybe because the snake's ears blinked so my grand brother tap danced with his fingers.