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Obey the guidelines in politics
0 ups, 4y
Funny how when its black pastors burning down their own chuch and then cry racism you guys care. As soon as they get caught lying about it yall disappear real quick.
How could she reject him? He's right there! in fun
5 ups, 4y
Bob Ross was an Airman, He would have been napalming those happy little trees. Now were going to add a dash of some delightful and vibrant blue paint in those happy dancing flames.
Elijah Cummings in politics
0 ups, 4y
Oh look at trump. I bet evey day he has a heart attack. As much mcdonalds and kfc eats.. I find it strange that the leader who pushed for trumps impeachment is dead...
Popeys chicken in fun
0 ups, 4y
Search jayla foxx
Syria 10 year challenge in politics
0 ups, 5y
He is now...