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The most relateable meme EVER!!! (5 years on internet special) in fun
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Just because you don't believe it's true doesn't mean it isn't for others.
ayo minecraft in the 18th century in fun
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That's the joke, people knew that minecraft wasn't made at that time. The meme's intent is just to be funny, not spread lies. I'm sure most of the people here know that minecraft didn't exist between 1780 and 1800
E in cursedcomments
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But do you know who EXACTLY I am (First name, middle name, last name) and my EXACT address (number, direction, street). And you mentioned something about me and my family's birth records. Could you show me it if you're so sure you know what my birth date is and my family's birth dates?
United States is not a language in you-had-one-job
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Cam man in crusader_stream
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What are the mutant octoling's method of attack?