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karl-johan persso
Your right i cant help but troll racists like you. Your going to flag me for trolling a racist. Hate speech isn't free speech, mocking people of color and calling them monkeys is not free speech.
karl-johan persso
Just created this one because of people like you who deny the obvious racism here..
karl-johan persso
Woops i made a grammatical error, i bet you have to spell check every word that you type. I know you do, your just another racist redneck... Your obviously to ignorant to acknowledge what racism is. This person who created this meme, knows the history behind calling a person of color a monkey.
karl-johan persso
Didn't create this one, but i created one just now almost like this one. Wish i could give this one 100 up voted and i had to create one because of people like you and your sudo racist bigotry..
karl-johan persso
People could stop buying their clothes, i know never shop there..