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Happy Passover! in fun
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If you're citing a wiki article to make a statement about a discussion topic, any intellectual failure is yours alone. It is a direct indication of not knowing anything about a subject and clicking the first and only link.

If you want to know what concepts are celebrated at Pesach, I suggest you read a Haggadah. See what is actually being said and done at the Passover table and what lessons Jews are supposed to learn from the story of Exodus.

Or you can continue to be a tsedreyt shoyte, looking up wiki articles and pretending you have enough information to discuss a subject.
Melania in politics
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YOU DO HAVE A POINT THERE | image tagged in memes,leonardo dicaprio cheers | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Happy Passover! in fun
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Don't give a flying f**k over the part of the word that doesn't accept us. Always love pleasing my friends, always love pissing off haters.

I hope you drown in your hatred and envy of my people and our supporters.
Happy Passover! in fun
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Sounds like bad things happen to those who enslave people and engage in Jew hatred.
Happy Passover! in fun
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My people were in danger of Pharaoh's Wrath.