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Fang, Fang, Fang til Xi Jinping takes the T-Bird away. in politics
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So... the rhythm was pretty bad.
I changed it to:
Fang Fang Phooey, Number One Super-Spy!
Compromised by China Ties.
It's Kiss and Intel that Swalwell
Can't Deny.

Probably won't post the new one... but it sounds better. Thanks.
Fang, Fang, Fang til Xi Jinping takes the T-Bird away. in politics
1 up, 1m
Well I considered using something like "quicker than Swalwell's third eye" but that kinda violated the scansion thingy as well.
And I wanted to emphasize both the compromised and China Ties bits because that whole possible treason thingy seemed of more import.

I did add the word "and" to give it a little bit of assonance with the word "can't."

I also briefly considered rhyming Swalwell with "kiss and tell" and "should be thrown of the Intel... Committee", but...

Since it's a meme and not Haiku Phooey I decided that despite my lapsed poetic license to damn the syllable count and the scansion.
I deemed it sufficient to point out the Fang Fang Faustian bargain / tryst Swalwell has apparently made whilst invoking a Man / Underdog Ripoff who went to China, learned their secrets and emerged with his integrity intact... if not his dignity.

Bye the way... Fang Fang Faustian Tryst is an okay name for a band. Marilyn Scansion is not bad either.
Protesters Doth Protest Too Much. in politics
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If investigations prove that the election results were fair... that's good for America, whoever wins.

I'm against voter fraud in every instance no matter who commits it... Republican, Democrat, or Independent. Proven voter fraud should be punished and I think the penalty for this offense should be higher... as a deterrent.

I think the American people deserve to have confidence in their elections... at all times.
Mail-in Voting is less secure and may have been a necessary compromise in a time of pandemic.
Still measures should have been taken to make it as secure as possible... in many places they were not.
If we don't have any expectation that our vote matters... then what's the point of voting at all?
Lest He Forget... in politics
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Yep. Mr. 20 Cent has a spine like a ramrod.
The more you know, the less likely you are to vote Democrat. in politics
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Debunking Fracking Myths

Popular Science once had a similar article... 10 Myths about Fracking but... it's not showing up in my searches.