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If a meme goes out in the world and gets reposted all around, does the original creator get any credit at all?
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THE ONLY REASON that this on this stream is cause people need to see this and there are a lot of people on here. #MemeAwards in begging_for_upvotes
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Agree! I'm trying to get people's opinions on the best memes of 2019, but I don't have enough followers to really get the message out.
Nowadays some guys are merely male...not men! in fun
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Great meme! Also, I was hoping to take a survey on the best memes of 2019 according to imgflip users, but I just don't have enough followers. So I thought of you since your memes are so popular. Could you help me with that?
.siht daer nac uoy fi em llet ot tnemmoC in fun
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!esrever ni semem ot detoved maertsa trats annog m'I ?tahw wonk uoY