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Purveyor of truth, justice and the American way of life and TRIGGERING Snowflakes
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I know he has the best attorney- the watch me tuck in my pants Rudy!
The liar is unable to tell the truth. he has to turn it on someone else. his maggot crowd will support him saying January is a fake month
Democrats in politics
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I missed your fix for the slaughtering of kids? If it was your kid, cousin still all in for the NRA money? The repugnants have chosen getting reelected over life of children. Shows the party cares nothing about the born- just the unborn!
Back the blue while they wait outside hearing kids murdered in politics
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Wait for the lawyers that go after the "good guys with a gun the TX pussy police" parents went in to get their kids, BEGGED the police to go in. WHen the police are afraid we need to take some combat weapons off the shelf.
So 19 kids were SLAUGHTERD , i missed how you were going to stop the next one? Is this the price for guns and the love of the NRA money in the USA?
Twatter. Come and air your dumbass opinions...nobody could give two more Fs. in politics
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no one is on fat diaper donnies failed truth social
Untitled Image in politics
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when you keep them from facts, and lack common sense you get the CULT45 TDS