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Untitled Image in fun
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Do you work 2 or 14 hours?
Who's in more trouble, the forklift driver or the idiot who stacked all that during the prior shift? in frontpage
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Well where I work the forklift driver would get 3 days off and a drug test, the person who put the shelves together is safe because hes still in the shitter and they cant find him
Some Father's Day advice in frontpage
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A man gave me this advice "happy wife happy life." When my wife is happy my life is awesome, when shes not well, she lets me live. As for the kids, just get s second job now and you might break even. Its all worth it though when your 2 year old choses you to sit with and says "love you daddy." The feeling it gives you is like no other when you think about this life you created with a woman who you couldn't be without
Free Your Toes! in fun
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My socks do that after a year or 2, my wife makes me throw them out at that point