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I miss Pepe.. in fun
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I hate doing this stuff, but honestly, WHY!? Pepe with a KKK hood on should be taken down, but not normal Pepe. I also enjoy Cards against Humanity, so I would understand almost ANY symbols of hate and whatnot.
How I imagine Raydog fights for his spot in fun
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I make memes that aren't political.. They're historical.. :,(
Captain Picard Facepalm in fun
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Pls Metallica, come back, make more ...And Justice For All level shit.
making grammy shows great again in fun
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Maybe Metallica should get some? Or Sabaton? Maybe even.. Anyone not super mainstream? I mean c'mon, Adelle..? She just sings random shit, and Metallica has music that has a point. ...And Justice For All was about injustice, Ride the Lightning was about.. Well.. Injustice in our systems.. Also, they were great.