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One Does Not Simply
I'm an Orthodox Christian.
Batman Slapping Robin
Only Jesus Christ can reunite us with God. Jesus clearly said that "I am THE way, THE truth, and THE life." Not "a way, a truth, and a life"
Batman Slapping Robin
In a sense, the world is right, you do have to be a good person to go to heaven.But here's the thing, we have to be good according to God's standards, which is without blemish. But we've all sinned at one time or another and our good deeds can't make it up. You might say, "So what, nobody's perfect, I'm not bad like Hitler, Fidel Castro, or those kids who just shot up that school in Columbine." But in the eyes of God, if you commit just one little sin, no matter how small it might seem to you, you've broken all of the law and no good deed can ever make that up. Only faith in Jesus Christ can cleanse us of our sinfulness and return us to God's blameless state.
Batman Slapping Robin
I Improved your meme: