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The usual but minor wars now in Anime_VS_AntiAnime
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Update : Frozen War from 1-3 August 2022 between Team Anime & AAA after a mocking remark from the former, situation has been resolved
What is this place? in Anime_VS_AntiAnime
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Well hello there! I am the sole active user on this stream (kind of), I see that you're wondering about this place, well, let me explain :

This place used to be a joke stream made during the first Anti-Anime vs Weebs war of January 2021, yes you read that correctly, this stream was briefly used as yet another battleground for the Weebs and Anti-Animes, you can see the remnants of their battles in the older posts, however, soon after the war was over the stream was left vacant, so ever since then I've been posting "war memorabilia" if you will as a way to preserve the history of the conflict and to hopefully prevent any more wars from happening in the future, so as of right now this place is more akin to a museum for the history of the Anti-Anime vs Weebs conflict here in IMGFlip. Also don't worry about any hostilities as this stream is basically neutral (more or less because it is abandoned)
Been a while, I've got something for ya'll (no it's not the pic check the comments) in Anime_VS_AntiAnime
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This is more of a "commemoration" than an actual instigation for conflict, just like the poster I posted last year