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The Thing I Hate About ___ in StopChristianaphobia
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Yes, that might be a part of it. When I was Atheist and Christianaphobic (Thank God I'm not now) I mostly just thought that Christians were overrated and western, and that led me to dangerous paths such as Atheism. Now I know that Christianity is universal.
The Thing I Hate About ___ in StopChristianaphobia
1 up, 4mo
Christianaphobia is stupid. I didn't even know it was a word. Most of Christianaphobia especially in America is literally just based off of the idea that "oH, cHrIsTiAnS ArE AlL WhItE LgBtQ+ sUpPoRtInG MeN, mIdDlE EaSt cHaD, eUrOpE ViRgIn" First of all, Christianity is spread throughout the globe, even in China and the Middle East. It is spread almost all across the world, and used to be the religion of the Middle East. Secondly, A lot of Atheists run to other religions just because they aren't "Western". I know this because I used to be an Atheist and I had those ideas that Christianity was western and overrated. I ran around religions late in 2022 because I didn't like being an Atheist, I was close to Islam but luckily I got hooked to Christianity.