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Trump scooter in politics
3 ups, 3w
And yet, Biden gets a pass LOL.
the cradle of civilization in politics
1 up, 3w
And on that same note, don't forget Conquer and domination, not one country in the world (or people) is conquest-free at some point every one has been conquered and conquered others.
Need to stop this fake hate. We are overall not a racist country. There are some racists in all races. in politics
5 ups, 3w
You are absolutely right MANUFACTURED racism, that's all they have left.
How Can You Tell If You Are A Trumptard? If You See People In These Seats - YOU ARE A TRUMPTARD! in politics
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Ahhh the libtards, they 'rigged' the game and then claimed the supporters failed Trump LOL, you can't make that stuff up.