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It pisses off the left that Musk is working with Trump to bring down corruption. in politics
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made w/ Imgflip meme maker
You are what this article tells us what to look out for. And you flagging my comments to get deleted prove that you can't handle the truth.
Change My Mind in politics
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This meme would be funny if these things were true. Firstly, no energy is 100% "clean" and second, there's no such thing as fossil fuels. This was an invented term in order to further manipulate the price of oil. Make the claim it's limited because it came from rotting dinosaurs and they can manipulate it for as long as people believe it. The earth naturally produces oil in abundance. And with regard to my first point, there's always waste when energy is expended. Let's stop the perpetuation of these lies.
Moderate this, beaches ? in politics