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Eat more seafood. in politics
1 up, 11mo
Hmm... Let's see. One is an apple: Bitching about something that has no effect/affect on life in general. One is an orange: Promoting a mental illness and the grooming of children.

If history has shown us anything, it's when a society loses its focus and attends to more selfish endeavors, it implodes. Rome is the perfect example of this. But, I would expect you to understand. My best guess, solely based on your response, is that you lack the moral compass to see the tragedy of the unnatural being propped up as normal and to be accepted or else.

Trans women don't exist, by the way. It's a man who pretends to be a woman, and you accept it because you've been conditioned to think it's normal.
Democrats lack self-awareness to see this. in politics
3 ups, 11mo
What's your point? You never seem to have one.
Democrats lack self-awareness to see this. in politics