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Charlie Day in politicsTOO
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The police didn’t have to warn him, but they actually did. They warned him before they came in.
What will they do when they find out she’s a farr’ner? in politicsTOO
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We dont want to shut down legal immigration, on the contrary, we want more legal immigration. IL-legal immigration is what we oppose. Anyone in their right mind know that they’re different.
Charlie Day in politicsTOO
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He shot at the police when they came to arrest him. That’s illegal, and you never have any right to shoot at police. Kyle Rittenhouse went to help people who were brutalized by “protestors”. It was so dangerous that he thought needed to take a gun with him to be safe, and he was right because he was attacked by rioters. Kyle Rittenhouse had the right to defend himself because he was attacked, Breonna Taylors boyfriend had no right to shoot police officers with a warrant for his arrest.
Leonardo Dicaprio Cheers in politics
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True. Michael Knowles talks about that a lot.
President Trump! in politics
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Preach brother.