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Black Girl Wat in politics
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Cherish the Same-Sex Relationships!! in LGBTQ
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Evidence of mental illness??. "So in other words, you can't provide any evidence. Got it."...

I can provide all the evidence and facts to you but that wont matter because in the gay bubble you're living in,you can't see or think clearly. You call people that disagree with your gay views barbaric and archaic thinking, good thing your Dad didn't have your same viewpoints or you would never have been born, since only women can give birth. Two men in a relationship cannot produce a baby, without a woman involved in the process. Men + Woman = normal relationship. Of course you wont care of that simple fact. You don't belong to any religion and you don't give a damn most of the world is against what you do, you going to do what you want. you know better than most of the world and more than all the religions together, you have figured it out. if it makes you happy it's OK regardless if its right or wrong. Trying to convince someone that lives in a gay bubble that he is wrong is like trying to convince an alcoholic to stop drinking or crack head to drop the crack pipe.

"Do you think that slavery is OK?"

Nope, not at all. using your logic then, child molestation is seen as bad by most of the world and religions but you say, hey that doesn't make it wrong.

"Do you want the US to be like Saudi Arabia? Iran? Pakistan? Somalia? Because I don't."

Me neither, but you forgot to mention many other countries that have no tolerance to same sex relationships.

At this point i think we can agree that we disagree on the fundamentals of what normal is.
Cherish the Same-Sex Relationships!! in LGBTQ
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Every religion finds it disgusting and abnormal to be in same sex relationships, sometimes even punishable by death. Even today in 2019 most countries are against homosexuality, they would throw you off rooftops, hang you, stone you to death, cane you in front of the whole town, put you in concentration camps and/or just kill you. Only in the U.S can you be openly gay and not suffer most of those treatments. you are living in a gay bubble. travel around the world and see how gays are treated. its a fact most people in the world find it disgusting to be gay. Evidence of mental illness??. do some research online, instead of making pony memes and you'll find some answers.