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I mean, if you're gonna buy a pistol that can take down a T-Rex why wouldn't you? Makes me wonder if that's not a small-caliber firearm like a .44 magnum or a .45 long colt.
That meme is an ofFENCE ... maybe!
German tradition, mostly Meyer. No dirty Fiorists here lol. The club I'm in does just the basic weapons: longsword, messer/arming sword & buckler, and a little dagger work. I'm trying to focus on longsword. I've seen some quarterstaff/spear videos and I'd like to learn that eventually. But like I said I'm just starting, and since I never played sports or took martial arts I have a steep learning curve ahead of me.
That meme is an ofFENCE ... maybe!
I'm starting to learn blossfechten.
Hurricane Satellite Image
My reading comprehension is fine, thank you. OP said no hurricanes have hit the US in the 170 months before Harvey. Not no *MAJOR* hurricanes. No hurricanes, unqualified. Unless you are disputing the validity of NOAA's information please move along.