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Wonka After Florida Shooting
Look it up. You are thinking of a fully automatic firearm. I am talking about an automatic firearm. All fully automatic, burst-fire, and semi-automatic only firearms are, technically speaking, considered automatics.
Wonka After Florida Shooting
Yeah Pakistan tried that in the wake of a school shooting. Armed teachers stopped a grand total of 0 attacks before the program was quietly discontinued after a teacher shot and killed an innocent student.
Wonka After Florida Shooting
My comment makes perfect sense once you take the time to educate yourself. Not so long ago anal **pe was not prosecutable as **pe in many US states. It fell under sodomy laws, but those also penalized consensual acts, and were less harsh than **pe laws. So, while **pe is morally wrong and ought to be illegal, certain types of **pe have not always been illegal even in the US.
Wonka After Florida Shooting
If no amount of enforcing existing laws will prevent a felon from legally purchasing a firearm at a public sale, does it not logically follow that a new law is in order to prevent such an occurrence? Let me ask you this: if a man were to **pe a woman, and not face prosecution due to those exact circumstances being not illegal, would you call for more enforcement of existing laws or a new law?
Wonka After Florida Shooting
AR-15s, like all firearms that eject a spent casing and load a fresh cartridge, are automatic firearms. An AR-15 with a barrel greater than 16 inches in length is classified as a rifle, therefore the AR-15 is an automatic rifle.