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Untitled Image in politics
1 up, 9mo
Clearly you missed the point, It's a metaphor.
Giving hotel rooms and welfare to illegals will create a dependent illegal immigration influx. They will leave their home country knowing they wont have to contribute to the host nations economy. Therefore, it will destabilise the host nations economy in ruins.
But this is all by design, as any host nations government who let's them in want this to happen.
And going back to your reply,, a lot of 3rd world foreigners act like animals when shitting In the street.
Untitled Image in politics
1 up, 9mo
It would be nice if the government focused on helping the homeless. But no, they look after the illegal who played no part in the country they're invading.
Untitled Image in politics
1 up, 9mo
It's a metaphor for what's coming with mass ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.
Joe is gay for votes in politics
0 ups, 10mo
Cheers bud.
Now I cant f**king sleep.
It's coming in politics
0 ups, 11mo
I do, but he smokes enough pot to awaken a whole country.