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Freedom of speech effectively means tell everyone things they do and don't want to hear. Also I make funny memes
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Welp, I had to do it. in Godzilla_Fandom
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If I get enough upvotes, I'll do more of these. I'll probably do more anyways.
Welp, I had to do it. in Godzilla_Fandom
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The sea lice in the beginning of the movie is just Kitty.

And Caseoh would eat the cadmium, but instead of being knocked out from radiation being sucked out of his body, he would just have a heart attack, then be revived by a storm of waffles and eat the Super X instead of toppling a building on it.
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Marvel Godzilla, no joke, crushed the Hulk without even noticing.

The same Hulk that lifted a f**king mountain with his bare hands during the first Secret Wars and the same Hulk that jumped across the Atlantic Ocean and beat the crap out of the world's most powerful heroes (Sentry, for example)-and let's not forget that he's literally held two tectonic plates together and is FREAKING IMMORTAL and at one point FOUGHT SATAN. Godzilla crushed him into a field and walked past literally without knowing that whatsoever.

And let's not forget Godzilla did what Spider-Man never could (at least not without a lawsuit from She-Hulk, where at one point Spidey pulled the race card just to troll the guy-the lawsuit was never properly settled thanks to intervention from Scorpion, a villain JJJ helped to make)-he stood up to J. Jonah Jameson. Let me tell you, that takes some freaking balls. And arguably, considering Marvel Godzilla crushed Hulk without a second thought-the same Hulk that was able to go toe-to-toe with Satan-he could arguably be in the power levels of Godzilla in Hell. Also, he once was shrunken down with Pym Particles and had to wear a trenchcoat to blend in. I find that kind of funny.
Legendary Godzilla vs. Perfect Chaos-type ur bets and opinions in the comments in godzilla_crossover
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Well...that form takes radiation to achieve. Heck, a normal nuclear pulse still requires a ton of radiation. So unless there was a nuclear plant conveniently located nearby, Godzilla would have to use his typical set of abilities.