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More Gay Furries?!
oof, I thought u were talkin' about me for a second there.
More Gay Furries?!
bruh, if u can't read, I will change the title WHEN I GET THE TIME. I didn't know. How the f**k was I supposed to know? Who knows if the person in the suit is a man!? Not me! Just 'cause I assume something doesn't mean u should act f**king rude about it. I mean, I do get why you're mad, but come the f**k on! If I didn't know and someone else told me it was a man and said they've seen it before, of course I'd assume the gender. It's basically not even my fault I assumed the gender, it's someone else's.
More Gay Furries?!
i know that. If I had time to change the title, i'd do it.
Gay Furries
I watched the video. I know both of them (Not in person).