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Shinbi (16934)
Joined 2023-06-08
hi! My name is Shinbi and I am a fnaf addict :D i will probably change accounts but i assure's still me.... :)
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Bitch. in fnaf
1 up, 1mo
excuse me?!?!
just a lil drawing im not really the best artist in fnaf
1 up, 1mo
he looks like he's asking you out on a date
humour level -10 in fnaf
1 up, 1mo
i would defiantly throw something at it with all my strength.
umm guys i think i accidentally made a new FNAF character in fnaf
0 ups, 1mo
aww, look. springtrap is trying to cosplay the better version of himself 😆
Relatable... in fnaf
0 ups, 1mo
hallway camera??