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Trump & Pence 2020 in politics
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again, you can talk about if's and made up scenarios the media force fed you all you want, but the reality is that it's members of Antifa and BLM out there, currently, destroying cities, starting wildfires up and down the west coast, and openly attacking anyone who disagrees with them.

If your hatred of Trump has you defending arsonists, rapists, and pedophiles that just makes the rest of us who were on the fence or even on your side till this year believe that you believe that arsonists, rapists, and pedophiles deserve defending. This is also why I'm loving this season of The Boys, the character of Stormfront is perfectly encapsulating the reality that is the American Leftist.
Trump & Pence 2020 in politics
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If ifs and buts were candy and nuts. The fact is, it's not Trump supporters destroying cities, primarily of which are minority communities. It's not Trump supporters attacking people openly for disagreeing with them. And it's not Trump supporters getting arrested for the series of forest fire arsons up and down the West Coast currently. What you are doing is gaslighting those who will be choosing to defend themselves in the future and blaming them for the actions of their aggressors.