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How dare you! in politics
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Best meme ever!!!!!!!!!!!
Liberalism is a Mental Disorder! in politics
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Oh look, it's Super Stupid Liberal......lmfao! If you don't like my memes, then go away!
Its Not Going To Happen in politics
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It's fairly obvious you have no idea of who I am then.
Its Not Going To Happen in politics
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He or She can't. Because all they are doing is bringing up old debunked Leftist Liberal talking points. All of which were found to be edited, fabricated, and totally made up accusations. Islam is not a race, therefore Trump can't be a racist for banning certain countries where Islam is practiced for reasons of national security and their involvement with hiding Terrorist Cells. Also, the other things he brought up have all been proven wrong. I'm just waiting for the moron to mention that Trump mocked a disabled reporter which was the biggest lie of them all so far. As for the Charlottesville comment, that was take out of context and not shown in it's entirety to make Trump seem as if he sided with White Nationalists and that was definitely not the case as he denounced them in just a few words after he said, "Nice people on both sides". The Leftists have used this propaganda and these lies are their mantra for trying to impeach the only president to ever give a shit about America, American values, and PUT AMERICA FIRST. These idiots are begging for their own destruction with Socialism and don't even know it. They're like the kid begging to touch a hot stove.