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Vivziepop and FNaF are my fav.Angel Dust is my favorite spider boy. HazbinHotel is my best friend. It's meme...
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Shadow: (she starts snickering evily as she pull out a watch) 2 AM, maybe we can torment Mike (she walks over to Bon again and snaps her fingers) wake up my darlings .
Shadow:(her eyes met his) This wasn't my home, this (she hops off of Bon) is my empire that gots me moolah, and that's also what killed me. (She points to a closet the read EMPLOYEES ONLY)
Waiting for your friend like
Lucky! That makes life easier if you ask me :)
Shadow:(she wordlessly shuts the door and lets go of Angel's hand) I'm finally home, (she starts to smile so huge as she jumps up onto the stage and throws her arms around a purple animatronic rabbit called Bonnie and laugh cties out) I'M HOME !!!
Waiting for your friend like
Not me right now dude :) but if that's your phone ya better find a charger! lol XD