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I am Sean. I know it’s hard being Sean but I’m doing it for you
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Homer Polio Just Saying in politics
0 ups, 1m
Only 6% of Covid deaths were of Covid, the rest had an average of 4 comorbidities.. and masks do nothing
Masks just because in politics
0 ups, 6m
HA great one 👍👍
Masks just because in politics
2 ups, 6m
Ha good point.. it's like something bizarre out of a pre-Star Wars sci-fi dystopian movie - where Hollywood didn't have to make sense yet lol
Joe no mask in politics
1 up, 6m
Yes 😂😷
Fauci logic close the pool in politics
0 ups, 7m
Correct yet here’s the point - driving an automobile is still INCREDIBLY risky and like Covid my decision DOES affect other people.

Yet the decision to risk or not to risk, to drive or not, is still on each of us. As it should be!

To live is in fact, to risk. Don’t ever want to get hurt? Stay inside.

I’ll post pictures.