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There’s bad, good, and disgusting. in anti-furr_vs_furr
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Sorry to be a couple days, I just don’t how people are totally okay socially with someone walking around in an animal fur suit. You’re a human. I’m sorry if you would rather be an animal but unfortunately you’re not. You have been assigned to be a human, so be a human.
Meme #3,258 in fun
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Like me
If you don't ride roller coasters, you must not enjoy amusement parks... at all :1 in fun
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*Insert trip to Japan and Fuji Q because I did most of the coasters in America*
fast guy explaining in MS_memer_group
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Face reveal!1!!
the noise sprites in PizzaTower
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Bro isn’t even tryin to hide it he is just giving us 3 year old insults.