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Komodo is a precious lizard boi in fun
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First Session is always a chaotic one eh in fun
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Context: In the FIRST SESSION that i played as Elred, on their FIRST ACTION, they slashed a guy with their dagger because the guy started a fight and interrupted Elred's reading. The thing is, the guy was on 3 hp because of the fight. So on my first action in the first session of this campaign, Elred killed someone-
The Chaotic dnd characters in fun
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Context: Giarin was my partner's character in a dnd campaign I ran, and Elred is my character in a campaign run by someone in a social group I'm in. Elred is a chaotic little bastard with access to alchemy tools, and Giarin would always drop enemies from a large height (they were an aarokockra), so yeah they're both the chaotic ones of the group
Untitled Image in Role_Play
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Me: looking for a picrew so i put an oc i made with this into a reverse image search
Google: ah yes P****
(anyways protect the child)