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Scratch literally doesn't allow politics and yet, here we are (also, yeah, hello everyone) in Vibe_Zone
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And if you're gonna argue about sides, I have one thing to say: stfu

I'm not here to talk about politics, I just made this because literal 11 year olds are arguing about shit they don't even understand and I thought this template was funny.
Untitled Image in fun
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Putin literally made laws, changed the Russian checks and balances, and either killed or arrested his political rivals just to stay in power. He just keeps the elections around because if he doesn't, he practically admits to being dictator. And Putin has been in power for 20+ years, which is longer than the designated term for Russian presidents (which is 6 years and is renewable once).

And Putin doesn't even bother with the Russian version of Congress because he makes it obvious that he acts on his own. The Duma is literally just there to make Russia look like a democracy and make Putin look like a president, when everyone knows damn well that he is a dictator.

And what type of moron uses "member" as a term to call their dick.
Untitled Image in fun
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Supporting a country that is under dictatorship rule doesn't compensate for your lack of dick length
Untitled Image in fun
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shut up stalker
Untitled Image in fun
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Why should I? You kind of people are not to be reasoned with, only to be ignored and watched as you realize how dead wrong you are.

And once you do realize, you'll change sides faster than Italy.