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I like how the color scheme matches perfectly
Maybe if all but one sing in tune they might be singing the truth and the one is tone deaf? Just a thought.
I'll give you my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!
You have some serious paranoia if you think the U.S. government has any chance of breaking the constitution and rounding up 400 million guns from American citizens.
Hollywood Social Control
There is nothing wrong with Americans of all colors realizing Christopher Columbus pillaged, **ped and killed native Americans, along with other negative history. There is nothing wrong with Americans realizing their history is tainted in many ways. That doesn't make America less than what it was or less patriotic. It makes people less apt to be mindless drum beaters and idiotic, more informed, and less apt to make similar mistakes in the future.
Tessa Fowler Wonder Woman Cosplay
Only 44 percent of military support Trump. 43% disapprove. Apparently they have minds of their own dip shit.