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Untitled Image in Middle-School
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Mayoreo lookin fresh tho 😳
Only an insane person would do that in Middle-School
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I mean the crust is good looking and there’s still a bit of actual pizza, y’all are fools for passing up on it.
if you remember this show you are a legend in Middle-School
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Ok but like everyone knows what gravity falls is lol
do you have are stupid in Middle-School
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The solution to this problem that I use is to just never talk to anybody ever during recess. In most school environments, you’re either a little kid, THAT KID (we all knew/know one), or a cool kid (well at least in Canada). Since I’m not a little kid or THAT KID, by default I’m a cool kid. It’s easier to be cool than it looks, just don’t be a jerk or a weeb and you’ll be golden.