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That's One Tough Bird in MEMES_OVERLOAD
1 up, 10h
I've seen these before. They help identify the rooster.
Smoking Rat in fun
1 up, 16h
I hate smoking period. I give the young credit. Smoking got me to stay awake until 5am for an 8am exam; then got me through that.

Yet that is just nicotine. Tobacco Smoke smells bad. However, recently I've been forced to use a cheap vape dealer. The interaction almost makes me want to go back to "roll your own".
Pizza Home in fun
0 ups, 16h
Nice hybrid between a mansard and a hip roof on that hut
Smiling in Dark_humour
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Columbia Bubba
can you relate? in repost
0 ups, 18h
No,..., I've never that problem.