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My country is the next, I'm very sad rn in LGBTQ
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Spain, the people on the goverment said recently that trans woman were stealing womanhood, among others
(not about my sexuality. about why it's a sin) in The_Think_Tank
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I don't think that christianity is innerently against lgbt people. It depends on who you ask.
Easy example: both my grandma and her sister are catholics. My grandma says that god says to love people, so she doesn't care if I like boys or girls as long as I'm happy, because your sexual identity doesn't make you a bad person. Her sister thinks that gay people are kinda disgusting/have some mental issue/have had bad influences or not good parents, or whatever, I won't ask her.

So here you have it.
The Riddler in The_Think_Tank
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Oh, I see
I was very happy on that dream in LGBTQ
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Almost! It's hormone replacement therapy
Question Rage Face in The_Think_Tank
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When I think about my future | WHEN I TALK ABOUT MY FUTURE | image tagged in and then one day i'll die | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
I always add this sentence at the end when I think/write about my future