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When you find out your Gardevoir is male in fun
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Yes, Ralts and therefore Gardevoir have a 50 % chance to be either gender. The male only evolution Gallade was introduced one game generation later.
I just realized it recently in Anime
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Luffy's japanese voice actress also voices Krillin in Dragonball. Also she is quite old (born 1955). Naruto's voice actress is quite young compared to her (born 1972). She also voices Mamoru Endou from Inazuma Eleven, young Sabo from One Piece and Gon from Hunter X Hunter.
When you find out your Gardevoir is male in fun
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Love Tyrant / Renai Boukun
change my mind anime version in Anime
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Well, in Germany we had Biene Maja and Heidi. Both are actually animes.
very polite fur ball in fun
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Not very polite. Very rude.