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Expanding brain extended in fun
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Untitled Image in LGBTQ
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Artists I like:

-Venetian Snares
-Aphex Twin

Songs I like:
-Iannis Xenakis- Pithoprakta
-VSnares- Hajnal

-VSnares- Detrimentalist
-Aphex Twin- Drukqs
-Aphex Twin- Syro
-Pedestrian Deposit- Dyers Hands
-VSnares- Chocolate Wheelchair Album
-VSnares- Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding
CHECKMATE, ATHEISTS!! /j in atheist
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I think the mantle could also count as "Hell"?
Hehe ;) in MS_memer_group
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In the Finnish language, there is only ONE pronoun.
F in the chat in History_Memes
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It was a meme about how the Gypsies were at risk of being a stateless ethnicity, and the discrimination they faced in Europe.