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Still a good tune though in fun
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Because I can't find a meme template big enough to express the bigger point of this meme, I'll just add a disclaimer in case anyone truly doesn't get it.
The point is that radical/sensitive people are upset over stuff like this but have no problem turning a blind eye to a song about a woman using her appearance to her advantage since she's using a man just as he's using her; equal manipulators. It goes against the "women don't need a man" mentality modern feminists are trying to push because it calls them out on their own tendencies to manipulate others to their beliefs. Censoring songs and cartoons is more important to these people than real world problems and women who don't have the privilege of living in a safer environment.
I literally have no issues with Santa Baby: it's the point. Plus I don't care if you have a sugar daddy; go for it, have fun, I'm not judging you.
That's the point of this meme, so you can enjoy it while knowing you're not a pansy and that these are just facts, not politics; it's songs and cartoons.