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Russell_The_Pirate_Sea_Otter_HTF (100718)
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Yar! This is Russell the pirate from Happy Tree Friends!
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Flaky is Beautiful, Sweet, Cute, and Kind ♥️ in fun
1 up, 1m
Yes, I am aware of that. Our show does have blood and glore, but we don’t really die since we always keep appearing, and yar! I agree with you! Flaky is such a beautiful lady! I love her so much! I blush every time I see her beautiful face! ❤️❤️❤️
Modern childhood lol in fun
2 ups, 3m
Never trust these sights, as most of them are scams.
Disappointed Black Guy in fun
1 up, 4m
This is a refers to what happened on Monday. All three of these social media’s were on an outage
Have a nice day sir! in fun
1 up, 5m
LOL! I hope you have an amazing day too, Handy! 😊❤️
I loved the original better as well. in fun
2 ups, 5m
I agree with you right there. Classic Thomas & Friends is cool. I like both model and CGI.