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I bet even 5 year olds comprehend basic math.
Yep! What's worse, is that there are people out there that actually think she's smart. Sad...
I don't know what it is but I sure want to eat it!!!
Because that burger is a nasty mess.
Go vegan
I am right. Thanks for amitting that! :) Vegans ARE changing the world, by educating people on the mistreatment of animals and how we don't need to use them for entertainment, food, clothing, experimentation or in any form that harms innocent creatures. Take care!
You need to brush up on your history if you really think that!
If you really think this way, you need to learn history. Some kid wearing a hat and smiling is absolutely NOT equal to racism nor the same as what the KKK did.
Go vegan
I'd say the people in the wrong are the ones forcing others to suffer and die. But if saying those things makes you feel better about yourself, good for you.