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Say When in politics
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You have a point.

Have you tried wearing a large hat?

I can't believe I have to explain this but, the meme isn't speaking to the debt (directly). It's addressing one part that Liberal Democrats not only don't seem to mind paying for, but want to punish the rest of the country and make us pay, too.

I believe Israel all day over terrorists:

Whose charter calls for the extermination of Jews,
Whose "government officials" store their military's weapons among the population, making them military targets,
Whose military invade Israel and rapes, murders, and kidnaps Israelis,
Whose military is so cowardly it hides behind the civilian population, also making them targets.

These things are PROVEN. Biden is not giving money to Israel, other than what we have given them for years due to a protection agreement. Biden WANTS to give money to HAMAS, but Republicans are standing in his way.

How the terrorists got over the border unmolested is Israel's question to answer, not mine. And it's irrelevant, anyway. The fact remains, HAMAS invaded the country and committed atrocities. If you think Israel allowed Hamas to do this as a prelude to starting a war, YOU are the one who gets your news from bad sources. Israel has placated the Palestinians for DECADES, and they still get attacked in return for concessions.
Say When in politics
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1. The war in Ukraine has cost about $100B so far. We pay around $150B per year EVERY YEAR toward illegals. And that's no doubt increased with the millions more Biden allowed in over the last three years.

2. There is no genocide in Gaza. If Israel wanted to wipe out every living person in Gaza, it would take them about 2 days.

3. There are Palestinians currently living in Israel. How many of them have been killed in this quest for "genocide" you're imagining?

4. Stop getting your news from the Democrat state-run media propagandists.
Deserving? in fun
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No Parking in fun
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I know. Thanks.
What Is Fascism? in politics
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First, I absolutely care. That's why I research before I post. Second, you STILL haven't made an argument about the other fascist, autocratic things Biden has done. And you're doing a poor job using Miller and VDARE to somehow exonerate Biden of being the fascist "leader" he's shown himself to be. Instead, you're only attempting to divert attention from the overwhelming evidence against Biden to questionable evidence, at best, against Miller.

Researching your link led me to read an email (which, BTW, I have no idea whether or not the emails are transcribed in their entirety for context) in which Miller writes:

β€œOn the education angle? Makes sense. Also, you see the Pope saying west must, in effect, get rid of borders. SOMEONE SHOULD POINT OUT THE PARRALELS to Camp of the Saints.”

That tells me Miller was using the book as a comparison, calling out the similarities between what the book says and what the pope said. Maybe there's more to the email that would make me think differently, but if that's the entire email, it shows the OPPOSITE of what you're accusing Miller of.

I admit, the VDARE article is terribly written, in that the writer used racially insensitive language to make a point. And it's not a website I ever heard of before or would subscribe to. And the SPLC is an anti-Christian, anti-conservative outfit, so their hateful rhetoric is hardly credible as a news source. Also, I didn't find ONE fair and credible news source that reported on this, nor do I recall Democrats ever sounding off about it. And we all know how the Democrats, the Party whose name is synonymous with all things racist, love to try and project their sins onto Republicans.