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the long game - rohb/rupe in politics
0 ups, 2d
Imagine someone responding to memes that needs sheep to upvote their lame comments? MAGA now haul ass bitch!
spotified - rohb/rupe in politics
4 ups, 8mo
LMAO you're a clown, really a clown! Go get a booster shot, ask if they will give you 2.
delusional vote - rohb/rupe in politics
0 ups, 9mo
"There are jobs now. There were not jobs in 2008. I worked in a factory throughout because there were no tech jobs. I was unable to make enough to cover my bills at the time, let alone pay the student loan off.

Not liberal. I'm a constitutional libertarian."

You are a f**kin' clown with a bunch of excuses, do you think you are the only person that went through hard times? Pay your bills no one gives a damn about your lame ass excuses, damn liberal.
delusional vote - rohb/rupe in politics
0 ups, 9mo
First you cry about no job, now it is your loan. There are jobs, I have a degree and in 2008 I had to pick up a shovel and landscape to make ends meet, quit f**king crying about no jobs, there were and are jobs, damn liberal.
delusional vote - rohb/rupe in politics
0 ups, 9mo
"Nope. I pay all my bills except my student loans because usury is illegal in the US. $96,000 interest on a $24,000 loan. Completely illegal." HEY LIBERAL, you jackass which bill that you created do you want to cry about for not paying? No one forced you to take student loans, join the military if you want free school. Society doesn't owe you SHIT for obligations you signed up for, damn liberal.