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That is really a fantastically profound meme you've created there. I am by nature a very libertarian leaning Republican. I find myself more and more being attracted to these basic tenets of limited socialism, and I'll tell you why. All of my life I have been working class. I have never been on a social program. Every year I get less and less to show for my ever increasing tax burden. I cannot afford to buy a house and I probably never will (in Los Angeles). We are in an economic boon right now but I don't feel it. I likewise barely felt it during the recession. These terms are a reflection of Wall street profits, not the wealth of the citizenry. As long as I am going to be on the hook for the bill, I want to have something to show for it. It was me who bailed out Wall street, it was me who bailed out the American car industry, it was me who paid for the invasion of Iraq, it was me who gave Nancy Pelosi 100 million dollars, who gave Scott Pruitt's family first class tickets to everywhere. I am now ready for there to be a return in this unending investment. If that means electing a young ideologue, then I 'm for it.